Engage with the lab

Ongoing projects and studies that you can participate in!

  1. DRAWL: Determining Regional Accents With Literature | Participate

  2. In collaboration with Dr. Bob Pritchard (UBC School of Music), we have a large-scale project seeking to record the accents and voices of British Columbia to accurately capture the cultural, linguistic, and regional groups in the province. You can participate here: http://blogs.ubc.ca/drawl/.

  3. Perception of Voices in Canada | Participate

  4. On the flip-side, we also want to know, do you think there are different accents in British Columbia? If you live in or are from British Columbia, you are invited to participate in an online study that looks at what people think about the varieties of English spoken in BC. This study is being conducted by Dr. Amanda Cardoso (Lecturer, UBC Linguistics, amanda.cardoso@ubc.ca) and Dr. Molly Babel (UBC Linguistics, molly.babel@ubc.ca). Please visit this survey to participate!